Managed Data Protection (MDP) services offered by MDTech are a group of data protection solutions that are centrally monitored and maintained by our data security specialists.

These services give you peace of mind in knowing that your invaluable data is backed up in a secure offsite facility and ready for restoration should the unthinkable happen. With MDP ins place, you can focus on running your business rather than worrying about the quality and reliability of your data backup.
MD Data Center Technician
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems and emergency backup diesel generators
    are designed to keep power systems up and running even during a blackout
  • 24-hour on-site security with biometric identification and motion sensitive CCTV monitoring
    keeps the data protected from theft. The center is staffed with security officers around the clock.
    In addition, all data is stored using AES encryption with keys that only you have ensuring that only you can view your stored data.
  • Redundant fire prevention is ensured with Multi-zoned, dry pipe, water-based fire suppression system with sensory mechanisms (sniffers) to sample air and provide alarms prior to pressurization and dual alarm (heat and/or smoke) activation necessary for water pressurization
  • Environment control is maintained with redundant HVAC cooling and environmental
    maintenance systems to provide optimum conditions for equipment operation
  • Robust Switches (connections to servers), High availability (HA) mode and a
    load balancer keeps the system optimized
  • All Equipment uses redundant power supplies and multiple connections
  • Optimal Transmission at Gigabyte speeds and redundant connections via multiple carriers

Our minimally intrusive MDP Client is placed on all workstations that require backup. This software ensures that all user selected data, applications, and settings are reliably backed up to our data center. This protects you from user error, hardware malfunction, deletion, disaster and malicious attack. In addition, the restore process only takes minutes for many restores and is simple enough for an end user to perform. We also offer a Bare Metal Recovery option which will save the entire state of the workstation, making a total restoration of the workstation possible – you can even restore the system to different hardware than the original machine as needed.

Servers utilize a version of the MDP Client that is specifically designed to minimally impact server performance and resources. The server client includes special modules allowing it to backup enterprise applications such as Microsoft™ SQL Server and Exchange Server as well as simple file shares. Our Bare Metal Recovery option allows you the option of restoring the entire server including operating system and data to the same server or another server – even if the new hardware differs from that of the original server. This ability eliminates 90% of the overhead required in restoring a failed server saving your business valuable time and money.

All offsite backup data is stored in our redundant AES encrypted storage arrays. You control the encryption key for the data ensuring that only you can retrieve your data. It is critical that your key be kept in a safe location since even we cannot unlock your data in the event that the key is lost.

On Demand Archiving and Backups:
MDTech can provide you an archived copy of your data from the offsite backup should it ever be needed. We export your data to an external hard drive that is sent to you for retrieval. This is valuable for customers that have extremely large amounts of data that need to be retrieved faster than possible via their Internet connection. We also have the ability to perform on-demand backups from any workstation or server to an external hard drive located at your site. This is a great option for customers that desire to have both a local and offsite backup available at all times.

MDP is far superior to Tape Backup

Tapes to Replace No Tapes Needed
Backup Once Per Day Multiple Backups Per Day
No or Manual Offsite Data Automatic Offsite Data
Slow Restore Process Fast Restore Process
Complicated Recovery Simple Recovery
Server Images are
hardware dependent
Server Images are
hardware independent




Standard Backup: $4.50 per GB per month (2 GB minimum)
- One time $250 setup charge

Enterprise Backup: $9.00 per GB per month (50GB and up)
- One time $250 setup charge

Disaster Recovery Support:
- $95hr (non MDP user) $75hr (MDP user)

- Data recovery is based off your backup system and
equipment. Recovery is only as good as the backup solution you have implemented and what you have chosen to backup. MDP Users have the advantage of our data guarantee and professional technical data assessment.

Bare Metal Recovery Server: $399 (one time setup fee)
Bare Metal Recovery PC: $29 setup (one time setup fee)

For more information or to place your order,
contact a MDTech representative at 877-2MD-TECH


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